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Let’s not get into a debate about the merits of the world’s favourite tablet (after paracetamol).  It clearly does a similar job  – a panacea for many ills.  If you’re not sure what’s wrong, take some paracetamol and have a lie down.  You’ll probably feel better afterwards.  If you’re not sure what’s wrong buy an iPad and have a rest after all that queuing.  You’ll probably feel better afterwards.

So as apple’s last gadget is written off as passe, and everyone pats themself on the back for their original and indiviual purchase of the latest and greatest, I get down off my soap box and am delighted to fill you in about an update to the Dp4 Remote iPod app 😉

Andi has been working away on it and is going to release a shiny new version in time for ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt next month.  By far the most significant change to the software is the implementation of curve dragging for adjustment of filters.  On the previous version tipping the phone on its side would slide across a frequency response curve (and if tipped the other way for inputs, reveal the graphic equaliser).

This has been updated to include numbered nodes for each filter (and un-draggable nodes for high and low pass filters) which can be dragged in real time to adjust filters.

Touch and drag a node to adjust the filter...

 This works really well and looks particularly good on the new iPhone with its “retina” display.  The phase response is also shown and updated in real time.  You can choose what things are to be shown on-screen – phase,  gain, x-over filters – switching these off speeds up response time, especially on old iPhones/iPods.

Touch interconnections on the routing matrix to adjust the routing – simple.

Other notables are the revised selection of routing which now takes place on the “home” screen, along with the metering.  Routing mode is very intuitive with nodes on the matrix between inputs and outputs simply being touched to connect things together.

There have been various other additions and tweaks to the software, including native support for IOS4 and the new iPhone to take advantage of the improved screen quality and faster processor, but the biggest news is the release of the first version of the iPad app.

Unsurprisingly it works in a pretty similar fashion to the iPhone app, but with more screen estate to play with, some layouts have been changed.  I’ll say no more about it beyond showing a few screenshots here and telling you that if you come along to see us in Frankfurt next month at ProLight+Sound, you can have a demo, and if you can prove to us that you’re a bona fide xta user with a walkabout kit, we might slip you a free copy of this and the iPhone app 🙂

Home screen showing device overview.

PEQ adjustment allows curve dragging and direct input.

Memory handling is clear and simple to store and recall just the parts you want.

Don’t say we’re not good to you…see you at the fair (Hall 8.0 stand F60).


  • Dan says:

    I own 4 x 448s, 3 x 226s & Even a 548! I have a Wireless Kit & a IPhone, would love to have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Dan – if you make it to Frankfurt I’ll have your name down for a free copy! It is also avaailbale in the appstore if you search for ”DP4” you’ll find both the full version and the mini version.

  • burt says:

    what happens for all android users?

    • admin says:

      Good question – if you read the earlier post about my android tablet you’ll probably have worked out I am pretty in favour of android as an alternative platform. However, the reason we don’t advertise the iPhone/Pad app is because we’ve not developed it and whilst we endorse it, we’re not providing tech. support for it. I think it’ll be another year before android is making serious inroads into the tablet market as ”honeycomb” is the first proper release with tablets in its sights. If someone wants to develop an app for us, they’ll get our support and we’ll happily supply the protocols required and help along the way…any takers?

  • Rich says:

    Hoping to use this in DC10 ibiza this season ….would love a free copy 🙂

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