Monthly Archive for November, 2011

Rodeo-related customer satisfaction email of the week.

The first in a very niche series:

Hello Waring,

After so much turmoil and problem after problem We solved it all.  Everything was flawless and as stable as the Statue of Liberty.

Thank You so so Much.  I have never used or played with anything like this before. It was my first rodeo out of the gate and after a four year non-compete judge ordered stop work order and only have one thing to say. Truly awesome just flipping awesome.

As I flew off our mix riser and barreled thru the crowd –  Straight to the barricade with my security in tow,  finally able to tune, delay and shape the main hang, downfills, front fills and subs.  It was getting laid the first time.  Hats off to Waring Hayes and the extended XTA family.

 Your biggest fan,


 David A. Cramer

Let’s just bask in that glow for a moment shall we?  OK, so that’s enough basking, best get on… ;)

Dave attached some pictures to his email, but the one of greatest interest unfortunately appears to have been taken on horseback but you can just make out a Fujitsu tablet with AudioCore running on it (the laptop to the right has their logo shown on it).

Drive-by photo. OK, ride-by then.

 Always good to hear from people when they’re happy – and we did have a lot of turmoil with this one as Dave suggested, but it was all sorted out in the end and in time for the show which is, of course, the important thing!  Thanks again Dave – your free unit is in the post ;)