Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Post-ISE and Pre-Frankfurt – the show must go on…

…and I must not lose my passport this time.
I was intending to regale you with the tale of how, after a very chilly show in Amsterdam at ISE I managed to lose my passport on the day before I was due to leave which resulted in an entire day of trips to police stations, the British Consulate, lost property offices, banks, and finally the airport, all in a blizzard with 6 inches of snow, and no trains or taxis running.

I was going to tell you about it but I decided I wouldn’t ;)

Instead I’ll look forward to tomorrow and the pilgrimage to Pro Light and Sound in Frankfurt…

Our exciting news is two-fold - firstly – I got my hands on the beta version (due for imminent release) of the latest iPad app to control our gear and it is brilliant!  I am allowed to say that as anyone who has been following this story will know, we didn’t write it.  That in itself won’t make it brilliant (and if it did then I’d not being doing a great job at this company promotion thing!), but we finally scraped together all the spare change form the back of the drawers in the sales offices and bought an iPad so we could have a go with it and show it to you all properly.

It was duly connected to the sacred system of units that lives in the demo room (it’s the only place you can guarantee to get  a full complement of 4 Series units along with everything else, as they’ve been tie-wrapped into the rack to prevent them “wandering” :)
This new version now scans for connected units and shows a virtual rack as they are found…very nice.

But it gets better – after everything has been located settings can be downloaded from the units and the metering on the units in the “rack” starts to work – in real-time and at a refresh rate that I would not have believed had I not seen it myself!  Admittedly we only had 5 units connected, but that constitutes a pretty big system (40 outputs), but the speed of the metering was on a par with a wired connection through AudioCore.

I was impressed and I’d not even done anything yet!  Taping on a unit then opens it for editing and this is where the iPad comes into it’s own with a big screen.  Monitoring and little changes are OK on an iPhone, but having the benefit of full screen modes for both PEQ curve dragging and the Graphic EQ with the longest faders you’ve ever seen on a GEQ) makes it a pleasure to use.

The copy and paste features also allow for settings to be copied from any channel to any other on the system, and this is sub-divided into useful chunks such as PEQ, GEQ, limiter etc. dependant on what you’re editing – a quick double press at top of the edit window pops up the feature.

Now I could have added a load of screen shots in this, but I haven’t for two reasons. 
Firstly – the iPad’s already left for Frankfurt so I missed my chance, and secondly, you should come along and see it for yourself at the show!  Andi Zeh who has developed this has also informed me that in time for the new release, the will be a month-long sale on the app starting on the 21st of March when the new version goes live.  It’ll be 60% off and so only cost £20.00 (or 23 Euro, $29.99). 

Whilst you’re marvelling at that, we’ll also be revealing a brand new product at the show…all I can say right now is it’s 2U, lights up lovely in the dark and has lots of options!

Piqued your interest?  Come along and see us then – there’s a free cup of tea in it for you, brewed by an MC2 E100 powering our kettle :)  We’re in hall 8.0 Stand F60.