Daily Archive for May 3rd, 2012

Bill Woods and Simon Cowell – brothers in arms?

Once again I try to manipulate the internet with blatant search terms, and probably to no avail, but not to worry – it just might make for interesting google results but will, most likely, result in a tenfold increase in spam to this blog.

To the best of my knowledge, Bill has never met Simon, but has been good friends with Dannii for several years now – he used to take her bins out when they lived in the same  flats on Lincoln High Street.

Anyway enough of this – the purpose of this update is to say, it’s with a heavy heart I have to report Bill’s last day is upon us.  He’s off to Funktion One to bother them, so myself (of course, still a mystery to most of you, with my well hidden secret identity, dear reader) and old “Clown Shoes” Richard Fleming will be taking the reigns in Sales and Marketing respectively, on top of our other worthy busy roles as App and Support Manager (Rich) and Brand Manager (me).

Wish us luck, as we wish Bill luck, and have a read of this…