Aten UC-232A Converter Problems?

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Aten have flagged up an issue with a run of serial numbers for their converts that mean they won’t work with Windows 8. This might have been resolved for Windows 10 but in case you might be affected – this is what they said:
“If the 8th /9th digit of the serial number (S/N Z3DA-099BP-4304) is between A1~A9, AA~AZ, B1~B9, or BA~BK, it is not supported by Windows 8. Please use a “BL” or newer version of the UC232A with Win8. The serial number is located on the UC-232A”

Checking our stock of converters, it seems like these would be pretty old ones, and is only an issue in Windows 8.
If you are having problems in other versions of Windows, make sure you’ve got the latest drivers – they’re on our site here.

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