Downton Abbey, Strictly, X Factor or XTATV?

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You made the right choice – be informed as well as entertained, and spend a few minutes watching XTATV’s latest output all about the DP548 Dynamic Audio Management what makes it much more than a DP448 with purple buttons.

If any of you have wanted to get hold of a Series 2 Dynamic EQ or Comp, and feel like you missed the boat (well, you did – that ship sailed some time ago – and finding one second hand is not an easy task!), all is not lost.

There are 4 channels’ worth of D2 multiband dynamics, and 8 channels’ worth of C2 compression added to the already extensive DP448 lineup, AND your DP448 presets will work in this too…

Watch the video and look forward to our DEQ in action clips coming along shortly…



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