DP446 Crossover Recall Bug – Fixed!

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In the spirit of information sharing, here’s a little oddity that came our way via our Chinese distribution network. Just in case anyone sees this behaviour on their DP446, you’ll know it’s been fixed!

The scenario is thus:
1)  Set up a configuration, routing etc…crossover, EQ, all the usual.  During the “Design a crossover” process, when asked if you wanted to clear the output filters, you said “Yes”.
2) Store this as “Everything”.
3)  A subsequent recall of this as “Everything” (so not “Xover only” settings) doesn’t work, and you get default settings recalled (the correct settings have been stored – it’s a recall bug) and then the outputs mute.

There is a workaround if you have experienced this – just recall only the Crossover settings out fo the memory location, not “Everything”.  Subsequent recalls will also then be fine.

Alternately, just download the new firmware from the website.  Remember – this is specific to the DP446 – no other 4 Series units are affected.

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