DP548 Launch in Space

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Despite only just shipping, the DP548 – XTA’s new flagship loudspeaker management and dynamics processor – is already hard at work in Space. Space Sharm El Sheikh that is, Egypt’s hottest new night club.

Space Sharm El Sheikh is the first franchise from the infamous Space nightclub on Ibiza. As one of Egypt’s premier tourist resorts, Sharm El Sheikh was the ideal location for the new venue. With an audio system designed and installed by Surrey-based Blue Box, the first two DP548s off the production line are a key inclusion.

The club features an extensive Funktion One audio system throughout its various areas, including a range of XTA-manufactured XO2 and XO4 controllers, all interconnected with the option to route through a Formula Sound ZMR 80 zoner.

“I wanted to use XO4s and XTA D2s across the system, because we pioneered them in clubs and wanted to continue using them,” says Mark Metcalfe of Blue Box. “However, having been informed that the D2 had been discontinued, I spoke to XTA’s Bill Woods, who told me that the 548 was on the way and that it effectively had a D2 built into the front end.”

Indeed, the DP548 takes the features and sound quality of XTA’s 4 Series processors and adds the equivalent of four D2 dynamic EQs across the inputs and four units worth of C2 compressors across the outputs (eight individual channels), along with a new matrix mixing mode. With an updated DSP platform and some groundbreaking new features in the company’s AudioCore control software, the DP548 is truly unique in its abilities.

Thus convinced, Mark took the first two production DP548s and installed them in the new club’s Main Room and Discoteque.

“The DP548s are very good. I’ve always liked the 226s and the 448s upped the game again,” he says. “548s gave me exactly what I needed with the inclusion of the ‘soft’ D2. My initial concern was that the DP548s would be more finicky to program, but that fear proved groundless. Like all XTA processors, they are very intuitive to program and have the added advantage of being secure, if required.”

Mark uses an apt expression to convey how pleased Blue Box and their client are with the performance of the new units:

“We’re over the moon!” he says. “The Discoteque is the main room that is open every week and it has had praise from many people, including Space Ibiza’s DJs and PR representatives.