Going underground with XTA

Posted by | March 18, 2014 | , | No Comments

US rockers, Queens of the Stone Age, enjoyed tremendous exposure at the end of last year following their extraordinary one-off gig in an East German salt mine. But getting the sound quality right when you’re in a confined space, 700 metres underground, can be a challenge.

In situations such as this, you need to be working with the most reliable technology. Which is why André Rauhut, from audio rental and production specialists, Complete Audio Berlin, used two XTA DP226s to control a Martin Audio Wavefront W8LM mini line array system.

“We have a lot of experience with line arrays,” says Rauhut. “So, once we’d entered all the measurements, we were able to tune the system using Martin Audio’s line array optimization software, in conjunction with the filter banks of the XTA controllers, which were networked via RS485 and then controlled from Front of House.”

Once the room was filled with 300 of the band’s most dedicated fans, Rauhut was able to make his last-minute tweaks with a notebook PC.

The fans, who were required to wear safety hard hats throughout the underground experience, were clearly appreciative of the sound quality and will doubtless be looking forward to reliving the event on the band’s forthcoming DVD.