DNA Series

Digital Network Audio Amplifiers

DNA20 (4 x 480W into 2.7R) in 1U | DNA40 (4 x 1400W into 2.7R) | DNA80 (4 x 2200W into 2.7R) | DNA100(4 x 3700W into 2.7R) | DNA120(2 x 6250W into 2.7R)
Now you don’t have to choose between the highest quality amplification, and digital audio networking (optional) convenience. Or between incredible power and the ability to work within analogue or digital systems. You can have it all.

The DNA Series offers  the assurance of XTA’s highest quality audio power amp technology with future proofing via the inclusion of simple to use digital audio networking (optional).

Fast rear panel switching allows the amplifier to accept either four channels of analogue audio or pick up four channels of networked audio, via Dante, which is then converted using 24 bit 96kHz DACs.

Connect to an  DPA amplifier using a single CAT5 cable to realise a stereo 4 way system with no further external processing required. Switch back to analogue to use as a powerful traditional quad channel amplifier. Run bridged channel pairs or link adjacent inputs for total flexibility in either analogue or digital mode.