iCore V2.31

Full system control over 4 Series units and DP548

iCore_screenshots_548DEQThe latest version of iCore gives full control over all 4 Series units and also the DP548. Dynamic EQ is shown is indiviual bands which adapt their response in realtime on screen. Transfer function graphs show the input ot output relationship and the level meter below this graph’s curve shows the closeness to the threshold for this band. Adjusting the ratio and mode will affect the transfer function.


Compressors on the outputs of the DP548 are represented in a similar manner, with a transfer function and input level meter below the graph. and a separate gain reduction meter for each channel.


4 Series control with all the familiar EQ facilities is available, Graphic EQs, and high resolution real time metering, as well as extensive copy and paste facilities between different outputs and different units to speed up system configuration.


iCore software gives the user instant and intuitive control over all the parameters of a single DC1048 via USB, or a network of them via RS485. Units appear in a “rack” and metering of all units is shown in the status window. A quick click on either the meters or the unit brings it up for editing. It also supports all 4 Series units and a range of MC2 Ti-Series amplifiers, breakout boxes, and processing.


The mixer window accesses the matrix mixing, and main in/out gain controls, delays, mutes, phase and via three sub windows, limiters and parameter linkage.


Output PEQ is adjusted in real time via dragging of nodes, or direct numerical entry if desired. All parameter data can be copied form one channel, or from an entire device, to another channel/device. Crossover filters are also defined on this window, and individual PEQ bands can have their type selected from a palette of multiple behaviours including standard bell response, shelving response, notch, bandpass, elliptical (for use in creating high order roll-off filters) and phase filters.


As well as storage and recall of presets within the unit(and loading and saving individual presets as preset files that may be emailed), automated timed preset recalls can be programmed. These may be one-shot recalls or scene changes set to happen on a regular basis, to guarantee your system will be the way you left it the next day, even if someone has been adjusting things! The clock and calendar in the unit automatically syncs with the PC’s clock every time you go on-line ensuring everything stays up to date. (DC1048 only).