Push The Button: Programmable remote panels for 4 Series & 1048

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Some applications for remote control, especially for permanent install situations, may not require connection to a PC running iCore or Audiocore. In some cases, access to remote PC software may be too complex for day-to-day operation, and so inappropriate.

If there is a requirement for adjustment of levels, triggering mutes, or changing scenes (recalling memories) then our Simple Remote Protocol will satisfy this, and is implemented in all 4 Series and the DC1048 (and Ti1048 from MC2 Audio).

We have sourced a hardware solution which can be programmed to transmit messages using this protocol, with total flexibility as to what each button controls – levels, mutes, recalls – across inputs or outputs and across multiple devices.

Hardware Options

We can supply the single gang, 8 button panel from Ikon’s “Synergy” range pre-programmed to operate with all 4 Series units, the DC1048, the MC2 Ti1048 and all OEM processors.

FOH UP/DWN will inc/dec the current gain of inputs A&B in 1dB steps with a range of -20dB to +3dB.

DJ UP/DWN will inc/dec the current gain of inputs C&D in 1dB steps with a range of -20dB to +3dB.
MEM 1-4 will recall user memories 1-4 on all processors. In the case of 4 Series this will recall “Everything” – so Input PEQ, GEQ and Xover settings.

These settings can all be changed if this configuration doesn’t suit your application.

The XTA Part Number for this panel is ACC-SYNERGY.

There are other sizes of panel available, either designed to fit in a UK single lighting back box, or a double UK back box, with either four, eight or 16 buttons.





Please contact us if you require a different panel as we do not hold stock of all the different variations.

Hardware Description

All panels are powered by a supplied 12V external PSU, and connect via a simple 3 wire RS232 connection. If RS485 connectivity is required then a K2-ADE RS232-485 converter can also be connected (and share the 12V supply with the panel). This can all fit in a UK back box.

All buttons are illuminated in green and, dependant on their programmed function, can operate as:

Momentary – trigger one off events such as level adjustments;
Toggle – on/off events such as mutes;
Linked groups – select certain buttons to work together so only one can latch within the group – set up four buttons as four scene recalls (as only one can obviously be active at any time);

In addition, when set as momentary action, a “repeat” action can be programmed so that, for example an inc/dec level message can be repeatedly transmitted if the button is held in so levels can be ramped up or down without having to press the button repeatedly.

All panels also support at least one external connection which can be programmed as an additional “button” or be used, for example, with a key switch to disable the panel functions.

They also have an IR emitter capabilities which can be used to send infra-red commands to any additional AV equipment if required – not all the buttons need to be dedicated to controlling XTA equipment. For example, satellite/cable TV boxes, projectors or external audio sources can be adjusted – the supplied software can learn commands from the equipment’s remote control and then replicate these commands as required. Larger panels have a pair of transmitters available.



Programming Panels

Proprietary software is provided to set up the panels’ functions and program the command sequences (or strings) as required. We have added an XTA library to this software which covers the commands that are supported by our units via the Simple Remote Protocol as described earlier.

Additionally, we have a spreadsheet available that allows commands to be built for instances where the library functions may not have it covered, as obviously we can’t show commands for every combination of unit/ID/command/parameter!

The software also has a built in labelling utility – the labels can bhttps://audiocore.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/simple_remote_protocol_14.pdfe printed out and clipped into place under the caps of the buttons, ensuring a professional-looking finished panel.

Further Information

The manufacturer’s datasheets can be found here, and the programming software is free to download here.

Additional styles of panel are available – including screwless panels with brushed chrome, or polished stainless steel finishes.


Please contact us with your requirements and if you have any questions about how they work. This information is also available as a pdf.


  • Snehal Chudgar says:

    What is the cost of a synergy 1080 for an mc2 Ti1048? Where can I get this unit in the USA?

  • Waring Hayes says:

    Hi Snehal – Group One in New York are the US distributors for MC2 and XTA and can order one for you – I am not sure of the US cost but I’ll email them today and ask them to get a price and availablity to you, if you could send me your email address to waring(at)xta.co.uk.

    Alternatively, please feel free to contact them directly – the best person is Matt Larson – his email is mattlarson(at)g1limited.com


    Waring Hayes
    Technical Brand Manager
    XTA / MC2 Audio

  • Steve says:

    Do you have a UK distributor?

    • Waring Hayes says:

      Hi Steve – sorry about the delay – we’ve had a lot of spam via site comments recently and this got lost! Hopefully you’ve been on our website and found our UK distributor details.
      If not then they are:

      Polar Audio

      17 Albert Drive, Burgess Hill,
      West Sussex,
      RH15 9TN

      Contact: Mark Bromfield
      T: (44) 0 1444 258258
      F: (44) 0 1444 258444
      E: sales@polaraudio.co.uk
      W: http://www.polaraudio.co.uk

      Best regards.


  • Stephane says:

    Is there any wireless ( wifi ) solution to control DC1048? Can we control the volume of different outpouts in the DC 1048 with synergy 1080 but wirelessly ?

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