United Brands means a whole new PL&S look for 2014!

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So another year, another Frankfurt. Or not in the case this year as it was all change for us – the only thing that stayed the same was our position in hall 8.0 at trusty F60. With a change of German distribution from Atlantic Audio to the newly formed company United Brands, they did exactly as it said on the tin: United Brands.

Ourselves and MC2, Martin Audio and DiGiCo, plus of course UB, created (over about 6 months and not without some moments of tension along the way!) a new megastand which allowed all the brands to maintain their identity whilst still feeling part of a group of British companies, complementing each other.

Of the four brands represented by UB, XTA and MC2 probably had the biggest change compared to Martin and DiGiCo, and it was oft remarked that we had stepped up and looked great! Judge for yourselves – there’s a gallery on Facebook.

It was a great show and the new DP544 went down well, adding to it’s stablemate the DP548 to form the 5 Series.

As you’ll see from the photos, the Becks also went down rather well! 🙂

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