AudioCore Version 8.71 now on-line

Posted by | May 16, 2011 | | 2 Comments

Just a quick update for those of you with RSS feeds – the latest version to coincide with the release of the promised DP548 new firmware is now available.  Remember to update your 548 as well as downloading the software to unlock the new features in the dynamic eq bands and have a play around – you’ll be amazed how powerful a seemingly small change can be!



  • cierco says:

    i need to download AUDIOCORE 8.71. HOW?
    Thank you

    • Waring Hayes says:

      Hi there – sorry for the late reply – 8.71 is still available on the website. If you check through the revision history for AudioCore, key versions have been hyperlinked so you can still get them.
      The link for yours is
      Hope this helps, but I would advise you to upgrade your unit(s) firmware and run the latest version instead.
      If you’re unsure how to do this or would like some help, please just email – we check them every day! waring(at)

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