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It’s gone live today, and it’s got a whole load of new stuff that I thought was worth a quick post about.  You can download a guide to the key new features here if you can’t be bothered to read this on-line:


Assuming you’re still with me,  let’s examine the evidence, m’lud.

Firstly, you now get full support for all 4 Series units.  That includes the downloading (so, unit to PC) of presets AND the ability to copy and paste settings from these into DC1048s, so if you’ve a favourite crossover preset from a manufacturer or want to compile a group in your 1048 you can now do this.

4 Series all playing happily together in iCore...

Just in case you’ve not done any copy and pasting, it’s very comprehensive and is also context sensitive – the fancy name for “you get different choices when you click on different things” – but remember it’s a right click on panels to get at this stuff 🙂

Other new big feature is the ability to create your own custom panels.  This is pretty impressive stuff as you’ve basically got “carte blanche” to add as many buttons, knobs, faders, LEDs as you want to a panel and “attach” them to any parameter of any unit anywhere on the system. 

So, you could have a fader that adjust the gain of a low shelf filter on an output of a 1048 (or several outputs if you link controls – more on that later)  – label it “Bass” and you’ve got…a Bass control.  A-MAZ-ING.  Seriously though – the possibilites are vast for custom panels – gain control linked to disparate types of device and even things like the ability to add buttons to bypass individual bands of EQ should that sort of thing take your fancy.

Probably the most useful thing is being able to set up simpler panels (not massive complex ones) for staff of limited knowledge to use.  That’s the polite way of saying, keep the fancy stuff out of the way of the fools who don’t know what they are doing.  “I was just messing about and it all went off”.  So, maybe some gain controls for a few amp channels and a mute that silences everything, and a standby button to put all amps to sleep.

You can even include your own pictures and design new buttons and knobs, should you feel very creative but, as the example below shows , you don’t have to do a lot to come up with a simple serviceable panel that is easy to use and looks a little more bespoke.

Design mode for a custom panel - just a few useful controls so as not to confuse the natives...

Last thing worth mentioning is the ability to link parameters across different units on the system – it’s similar to “Global Ganging” in AudioCore, and also allows these newly created link controls to be used on custom panels, so a single button can be linked to as many mutes (or anything else that toggles) as you want.  Even parameters with different ranges can be linked together (although they do have to be of the same type – you can’t link a frequency on one unit to a gain on another – why would you want to, unless you’re some sort of audio sadist who take pleasure in confusing end users.  Having said that, maybe as you turn up the gain it could turn up the low pass frequency to protect drivers…no no NO!).

The next post won’t be so much of a sales pitch.  😉


  • sergey says:

    i want software for icore DC1048

  • Mira says:

    After updating the firmware to v1.2 DC1048 I report iCore: Firmware Version Warning – Currently v1.20 should be v1.13. Where the problem? My iCore version 2.2.0 build 279. DC1048 control over iCore works

    I apologize for my English, translated by Google

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Mira – I have emailed you a reply directly. Basically, iCore is out of sync with the version number of the DC1048 because the application wasn’t updated for this minimal firmware change is just the one unit. It can be fixed by editing the iCore.ini file that lives in C:Program FilesiCore and changing the version number associated with the DC1048 to 1.20 from 1.13 – I have emailed you a new ini file to drop in instead.

  • Yescalera says:

    After updating icore software from version 2.2.0 to 2.3.1 I get a cannot connect check comms settings error. I have several xta dsp444 units connected via ethernet to a Lantronix UDS2100. On the previous version the software communicated just fine. On this version it asks me to check the comms settings. When I check the comms settings the drop down list is completely blank and doesnt even give me options to select. Audiocore version 8.86 sees all the units via tcp/ip. Where is the tcp/ip setting for core?

    • Waring Hayes says:

      Hi there – that sounds like the Com Port Redirection software they supply might not be presenting valid COM ports to iCore for some reason. There is no direct TCP/IP socket settings for iCore. I would recommend you download the latest TruPort release from Lantronix and see if that fixes the problem for you. Also – check the virtual COM port numbers that it is using through Windows Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager, and then expand the Ports section to find what number(s) their TruPort software is using. If they are particularly high (iCore will check up to COM Port 32 for availability), then change it to a lower number.

      You can do this by double clicking on it in the Device Manager list and choose Port Settings > Advanced and then selecting a lower COM port number. Don’t worry if all the lower numbers are “in use” – they very rarely are, and unless you specifically know of a COM port being used by actual hardware, ignore the warning when you select a lower number.

      The Lantronix software is available here:

      Hope you get this working OK – if you haven’t any luck, please email me at waring@xta.co.uk.

      Best regards,


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