New DP544 – new AudioCore – new firmware!

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Following on for the success of our flagship DP548 dynamic management system, and after many requests for a different format of this winning formula, we are expanding the DP548 into the 5 Series and introduce its newest family member, the DP544.

The DP544 includes all the features of the DP548 but now comes in a 4 input – 4 output format.

For all those applications where the main focus is the dynamic EQ, changing the I-O count to four inputs and four outputs makes sense – the DP544 will then fit in perfectly when considered as an in-line processor or insert processor. Imagine the top quality power available when two units are combined with a DS8000D running digitally at 96k directly into a pair of DP544s – superb mic preamps, and a digital signal chain of top quality equalisation and dynamics with remote control!

Coupled with this release, there’s a minor bump up of AudioCore to version 8.85, and an update of all 4 Series firmware to version 2.30 across the board. We’d recommend you update your units if you download the new AudioCore just to ensure you don’t get any comms errors.

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