The B.M.B. : Day Two

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So as the set-up approaches, you might have noticed yesterday’s post mentioned about Audiofeed being involved, not for the first time in attending B.M. and sending a mass of gear over to power the Olligan Alley sound system. This system will be the new Evo cabs from Funktion One with subs and all powered by APA. You may have noticed the MC2 amps in one of yesterday’s photos. Audiofeed are big fans of MC2, as are Funktion One (as you’ll have gathered by their electronics line-up!) and in addition to APA, there are racks of MC2 amps that have been flown across too. These will be powering various other systems – some of which we get the feeling will be decided upon during set-up so watch this space for details of how everything ends up connected!

As a taster of what’s to come, this is how it all looked down Olligan Alley last year…



Just received this from Oz at Audiofeed too – cramming some last minute supplies into a rack before it jetted off. Remember it’s all about self-sufficiency when you’re in the desert for a week, and with the only supplies guaranteed to be available being coffee and ice, you still need to eat! Dancing boots are optional of course.


As for the travelling progress, well, Richard has left Frankfurt and should be well on his way to the first US stop in Los Angeles where he’ll be visiting a couple of people to fill them in on APA and no doubt drop it out in conversation that he’s on his way to B.M.!

The APAs coming from Group One should be in Reno late today and the UK contingent will, fingers crossed, arrive tomorrow – we will keep you posted…

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