XTATV: Our studios are open for business! DS8000 Datsheet Live! is the first production…

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Whilst we have had our youtube channel set up for some time now, we’ve not had the facilities to utilise it for anything other than software training videos.  So, to reintroduce the human element into proceedings, we set up a video recording studio last week, complete with lighting desk, moving head lights, audio desk and wireless mics, autocue and HD camera.

Lights, camera, erm...Richard?  You're on...

Lights, camera, erm…Richard? You’re on…

After hours of careful scripting and rehersals (no really – we did rehearse this), the first training material was ready for (heavy) editing.  And so our first Datasheet Live! edition was born.

Join us after the break, when we'll have the weather forecast for the week ahead.

Join us after the break, when we’ll have the weather forecast for the week ahead.

This one is on the DS8000 and the DS8000D and we reckon it’s turned out pretty well.  The sound could do with a little NR due to undisableable (technical term) AGC on the camera (we’ve not gone quite as far as TC and separate AV tracks yet!), but you can watch it now and judge for yourselves here.

All comments gratefully received, and if you’ve any suggestions for topics to cover, we’d like to know.  George Lucas has already been pestering us on the phone but we’ve politely said thanks  but no thanks 😉

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